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How to Conceive a Baby Girl - How I Did It

If you are looking to find a way to make sure you are called “Mommy” by a girl, I urge you to continue reading my story.

Because this is my true uncensored story on how I am finally able to conceive a girl. I will be sharing with you on how I did it with nothing left out. My trials and errors are going to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did when I was figuring out how to conceive a baby girl.

I gave birth to 2 beautiful boys previously. My husband and I are planning to stop at three, so we wanted to have a girl badly.

I searched the internet, the library and talked to everyone I knew that had a daughter, to try and figure out how to conceive a girl. I was literally at my wits end until I came across the solution. In fact, prior to that, I never knew that I can choose the gender of my baby by choice!

That night, I was up in the middle of the night with my youngest son, nursing him through an ear infection when I decided to start looking for any other possible methods that would help me figure out how to conceive a baby girl. That is when I found the website. The night my life changed, forever.

The information that is revealed on the website blow my mind. I was able to find out why I was having difficulties conceiving a girl. When I was done reading the report, I found a few things that could be the reason I was not getting pregnant with a daughter.

In the end, after talking with my gynecologist, it was determined that my body was actually the problem. Essentially, I was sabotaging the conception of my daughter. Actually, my vagina was! The pH levels in my vagina were not at a safe level for the conception of a girl to be possible.

My new mission was to correct the pH levels and put all of my new knowledge of conceiving a girl to work. Using the techniques on the website I was able to have a handsome 8 pound 4 ounce baby girl a year later.

I thank God for showing me how to conceive a baby girl with the help of the information from the report. My family is now complete. And, we didn’t end up having a dozen children before we got our daughter.

However, this report is not without its flaw. The methods taught are not 100% fool-proof. It has a 94.8% success rate though (still very high in my opinion).

Take it from me, if you are looking to find out how to conceive a baby girl or a baby boy, the only thing you are going to need (other than a man) is the information on the website.

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