luni, 13 mai 2013

How to Conceive a Baby Girl - How I Did It

If you are looking to find a way to make sure you are called “Mommy” by a girl, I urge you to continue reading my story.

Because this is my true uncensored story on how I am finally able to conceive a girl. I will be sharing with you on how I did it with nothing left out. My trials and errors are going to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did when I was figuring out how to conceive a baby girl.

I gave birth to 2 beautiful boys previously. My husband and I are planning to stop at three, so we wanted to have a girl badly.

I searched the internet, the library and talked to everyone I knew that had a daughter, to try and figure out how to conceive a girl. I was literally at my wits end until I came across the solution. In fact, prior to that, I never knew that I can choose the gender of my baby by choice!

That night, I was up in the middle of the night with my youngest son, nursing him through an ear infection when I decided to start looking for any other possible methods that would help me figure out how to conceive a baby girl. That is when I found the website. The night my life changed, forever.

The information that is revealed on the website blow my mind. I was able to find out why I was having difficulties conceiving a girl. When I was done reading the report, I found a few things that could be the reason I was not getting pregnant with a daughter.

In the end, after talking with my gynecologist, it was determined that my body was actually the problem. Essentially, I was sabotaging the conception of my daughter. Actually, my vagina was! The pH levels in my vagina were not at a safe level for the conception of a girl to be possible.

My new mission was to correct the pH levels and put all of my new knowledge of conceiving a girl to work. Using the techniques on the website I was able to have a handsome 8 pound 4 ounce baby girl a year later.

I thank God for showing me how to conceive a baby girl with the help of the information from the report. My family is now complete. And, we didn’t end up having a dozen children before we got our daughter.

However, this report is not without its flaw. The methods taught are not 100% fool-proof. It has a 94.8% success rate though (still very high in my opinion).

Take it from me, if you are looking to find out how to conceive a baby girl or a baby boy, the only thing you are going to need (other than a man) is the information on the website.

joi, 10 ianuarie 2013

How To Conceive A Girl Naturally - Tips & Methods

Many women dream of having a baby girl after first and second delivery with a boy. They try to take care of gender of the baby when get conceived for the third time. There are many steps and useful methods available to take care of gender selection in the third attempt. You need to follow one sure way of conceiving a girl. That sure way is known as pre implantation genetic diagnosis method which is about fertilization of the egg and then testing of embryo to know about the gender of the girl or boy. This is done prior to implantation of the egg in uterus. This method is expensive but holds a chance for balancing families. This is followed in many countries as it is thought as a proper and exact way of increasing the chances of conceiving a girl child.

Go on a low calorie diet

It is proved through certain studies and researches that a low calorie diet helps to have a baby girl. The women who consume the least amount of calories have more chances of having their own gender of the baby. The diet which is rich in calcium and magnesium is important to have before conception as it increased the probability of having a daughter.

Reduce the sperm count

As you know Y chromosomes are fro boy and X chromosomes are for girls. After a sexual practice when the sperm is released into the cervix, Y chromosomes have tried to reach faster to the ovary before X chromosomes which is of a girl gender. To weaken the Y chromosomes recently, Microsoft introduces a technology that separates X sperm from you. It helps the woman to fertilize egg with X sperm. This advanced technology got a success rate of 91% which was used by many women to conceive a girl.